Learn more about our commercial carpet in Sterling, VA

Commercial spaces require a type of flooring that looks professional, is easily cleaned and doesn’t cost too much. Commercial carpet has all of these qualities. Floor Coverings International offers a wide range of commercial carpet varieties that are designed to provide more comfort and warmth than other commercial flooring types. Since it is easily installed it won’t disrupt your business in any way.

What are the benefits of commercial carpet?

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First of all, unlike hardwood flooring, commercial carpet can maintain its original appearance for years. It also comes in a range of appealing aesthetics, so you can choose a lighter color that will open up the room, or go with an interesting pattern option that is pleasing to the eye and will add more dynamic to the area.

Second of all, this type of flooring can significantly reduce noise and create a quieter environment that allows better social interaction. The sound of shoes hitting the tiles can easily create a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere, and distract the employees. Since carpet absorbs sound, the echo of footsteps will become unnoticeable.

Apart from absorbing sounds, carpets also absorb pollutants so they can create a cleaner workspace. Employees who work in a healthy environment are less prone to illness and therefore require less sick days and are more focused on their work. One of the obvious benefits of commercial carpet is its soft, non-slip surface. It minimizes the risk of falls and the severity of injuries when accidents occur.

The cost of commercial carpet

creative commercial carpet, floor coverings internationalWhile flooring solutions can be expensive, this is not the case with commercial carpet. It costs less than the other alternatives and it can be easily installed. With this type of flooring you won’t have to struggle with an installation process that lasts several days and disrupts your business. In fact, here at Floor Coverings International we offer professional installation to suit any business schedule.


In order to prolong the life of the carpet and keep it looking brand new for years to come it is important to vacuum it on a daily basis if possible. This way dirt and other sources of soiling won’t have time to damage it. Commercial carpet needs to be deep cleaned with proper cleaners every now and then to retain its look despite high levels of foot traffic.

Here at Floor Coverings International we have experience installing carpet in offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, and more. Contact us today and schedule a free on-site consultation.